Atminties kortelė KINGSTON 4GB CF CARD

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For everyday use of digital cameras, PDAs or MP3 players, Kingston® CompactFlash gives you much more than you?d expect from a card described as "for everyday use." Small but rugged and extremely reliable, this low-power card offers greater storage than many other media cards at a fraction of the cost. Whether it?s for point and shoot photography or giving your digital music device more space, CompactFlash will enable you to expand your capacity while offering quick and easy downloads or transfers of your files.

Internal memory, gb 4
Memory card type CompactFlash
Interface type CompactFlash
Dimensions w x d x h, mm 42.8 x 36.4 x 3.3
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Atminties kortelė KINGSTON 4GB CF CARD
1641 €
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Atminties kortelė KINGSTON Ultimate CFCard 16GB
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4 GB8 GB16 GB8 GB
Compact Flash (CF)Compact Flash (CF)Compact Flash (CF)Compact Flash (CF)