Doko stotelė Dell Latitude E-Docking Spacer for 7000 series ONLY Warranty 12 month(s)

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Ypatybės Features & Benefits Why do you need a Docking Spacer? If you encounter issues when docking your system and your system’s docking connector is towards the backend, then you must install the docking spacer on the port replicator. How to install the docking spacer? Place the docking spacer on the port replicator, until the docking spacer clicks into place. Compatibility List Systems Latitude 7240 Latitude 7440 Port Replicator Dell Advanced E‐Port II Replicator Dell Simple E‐Port II Replicator Overview The docking connector for most of the Latitude E‐series systems is towards the middle of the system’s backend. But, for specific Latitude notebooks, the docking connector is located towards the edge of the backend of the system. Docking spacer is required to dock your system in the right position. This product is tested and validated with Dell systems and port replicators. It is recommended that you use the docking spacer only for systems mentioned in the compatibility list.
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