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Mobile IP video door phone VIDI-MVPD-2 makes each device based on the Android or iOS operating system to become a video doorphone monitor. The device has a built-in card reader for proximity tags and code lock. 

Silver case design
Controlling the electromagnetic door lock (1 relay)
IR LED illumination
Communication via the home network and the Internet
Surface-mounted housing
The connection to the home network via Ethernet or WiFi
Unlock the door (release lock) using a proximity key fob or 6 digit code.
Circuit tamper - panel calls automatically upon attempt to steal or damage
12V power supply

Mobile application to install on your smartphone provides a number of possibilities:

Releasing the lock with a single click
Taking pictures and videos from the camera video system
Silent preview option
Mute speaker and microphone
Handling multiple outdoor panels
Viewing recorded content on your smartphone
The application works in the background, without overloading the device.

Camera sensor: 1/4" CMOS
Viewing angle: 60 degrees.
Resolution: 1280 x 720p
Power consumption: 300mA
Supply voltage 12V
Operating temperature: -40 ~ + 50 ° C
Dimensions: 205x95x30 (H x W x D)

To enable stable audio/video connection with remote device, 256 Kbps minimum data uplink network stream is recommended. 3G or better recommended for mobile application. 8 Kbps connection speed is sufficient to control the lock.
This video doorphone does not require fixed IP address or port forwarding on the router. 
Multiple smartphones can be connected in the system, however conversation will take place only with one of them.
All smartphones will be called simultaneously during a call from doorphone panel.
Volume settings depend on settings in smartphone.

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