Elite Screens Manual Series M150XWV2 Diagonal 150 ", 4:3, Viewable screen width (W) 305 cm, White

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24 mėn.
Warranty 24 month(s)
Producer product name M150XWV2
Gross weight 19.1 kg
Net weight 16.3 kg
Type Manual Screens
Special features * Dual wall and ceiling installation design* Auto-locking system provides variable height settings* Standard 4-side black masking borders* MaxWhite screen material is durable and easy to clean* 160° wide viewing angle for commercial presentations or residential home cinema* Screen lanyard for easy operation included - allows screen's pull down handle to be reached from high areas* Black backed screen material eliminates light penetration for superior color reproduction
Power Case Color White W
Frame type Folding frame
Viewing angle 180 °
Depth 8.8 cm
Diagonal 150 "
Viewable screen height (H) 229 cm
Gain 1.1
Case colour White
Width 3.21 cm
Weight 16 kg
Viewable screen width (W) 305 cm
Height 2.57 cm
Black drop 11.4 cm
Aspect ratio 4:3
Drive type Manual
Producer product family Manual Series
Dimensions (WxH) 305 x 229 cm
Material MaxWhite
Gross depth (mm) 2968 mm
Gross width (mm) 150 mm
Gross height (mm) 160 mm
Packing quantity 1 pc(s)
Gross depth master carton 2968 mm
Gross width master carton 150 mm
Gross height master carton 160 mm
Net weight master carton 16.3 kg
Tare weight master carton 2.8 kg
Volume (m3) 0.071232 m³
Tare weight (kg) 2.8 kg
Plastic (No PET) 80 g