Išorinis Kietasis Diskas DriveStation DDR 3TB USB3.0 - Combined HDD + HDD for ultra fast data transfer

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Buffalo Technology’s new dynamic random-access memory external hard drive is capable of extremely fast data-transfer speeds with an extra-large 1GB cache. With the DRAM cache function enabled, the HD-GDU3 series hard drive efficiently buffers files during jobs enabling write speeds up to 400 MBs. Ready to copy 1,000 – 800MB – photos? You’ll be done in about 3.5 seconds. Read speed is also impressive via the DRAM cache enabling speeds of up to 300 MBs which equates to approximately 1,000 – 800 MB – photos in 6.2 seconds.

Features & Benefits
Buffalo’s DRAM cache technology – DDR3 plus 1GB cache – delivers write speeds of up to 400 MBs
DDR3 also delivers impressive read speed
Including Buffalo Tools
Available in 2 or 3TB capacities
Storage Type HDD
Storage Device Size 3 TB
Storage Device Features 1GB DDR3 RAM module
Quantity of Storage Devices 1
Storage Device Type HDD
Storage Device Interface SATA
Storage USB 1
Other Conections USB
Storage USB Type USB 3.0
Storage USB Speed 5 Gbps
Operating System Compatibily Windows 8 (64-bit/32-bit), Windows 7 (64-bit/32-bit), Windows Vista™ (64-bit/32-bit), XP (32-bit), Mac OS X 10.5 or later
Power Supply AC 100-240V 50/60 Hz
Storage Form Factor Tower
Width 45 mm
Depth 202 mm
Height 126 mm
Weight 1.000 Kg
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