Kietasis Diskas HDD SAS 8TB 7200RPM 12GB/S/128MB HE8 0F23657 HGST

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8TB capacity and 23% lower energy consumption. That’s the power of helium. Meet Ultrastar He8, HGST’s second-generation hard drive based on the widely accepted and proven HelioSeal™ platform. With 8TB and 6TB capacity points, Ultrastar He8 goes beyond what any other HDD can do using air and raises the standard for capacity and power efficiency in cloud and hyperscale data center environments.
We recognize the growing pressures that data centers face. Volume is expanding, Operating costs are rising while budgets remain flat. Lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) has become the focus of data center architects. Through HGST’s patented HelioSeal process, the Ultrastar He8 provides the best TCO value proposition by delivering the industry’s highest capacity at 8TB, a low 5.1 idle watts, a reduced weight of 650g, and running 4-5°C cooler.
Cooler and quieter with industry-leading power efficiency (Watts/TB), the Ultrastar He8 lays the foundation for future growth in massive scale-out environments.

Unit Gross Weight 0.683
Unit Net Weight 0.65
Average Seek 8.5
Shipping box quantity 20
Rotation speed 7200
Buffer memory size 128
HDD Family name Ultrastar He8
Form Factor 3,5"
Bytes per Sector 512
MTBF 2e+006
Unit Brutto Volume 0.001365
Shipping/Package Box Dimensions
Shipping Box Width 26
Shipping Box Depth 50
Shipping Box Height 21
Shipping Box Weight 13.66
HDD Capacity 8TB
Full Description Line Ultrastar He8|8TB|SAS|Buffer 128 MB|7200 rpm|Average Seek 8.5 ms|3,5"|MTBF 2000000 hours