Logilink USB 2.0 adapter to Paralel (LPT) DB25 , 1,8m DB25, USB A male

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Kita The USB-Parallel cable allows your PC to print to any parallel printer or device connected through the USB port. Just plug the USB connector of the cable into the USB port of your PC and the other end into the centronics connector of the parallel printer. USB (Universal Serial Bus) interface provides up to 12 Mbps data throughput, so printing is much faster compared when connected to standard parallel port. The USB- Parallel cable also provides true plug-n-play and hot-plug capability - simply plug in the cable under the Windows operating system and the cable will be instantly detected. Features ● Adapter for D-SUB 25-Pin signals used with usb devices ● PNP peripheral for IBM PC connection to many of most printers ● Fully compatible with USB spec. Ver. 1.1 ● Fully compatible with USB printer device classic spec ● Supports: ECP & EPP mode ● Bus power support (from PC USB host port via connection cable) ● Max.throughout : 1.2 Mbytes/ sec (EPC mode) ● Cable length: 1,8 meter
Suderinamumas Parallel to USB Adapter Connector 1: USB A male Terminal 2: D-sub 25-pin (parallel) female Fastening with thumbscrews Specification supports the USB standard USB full speed (12Mbps) Molded plastic hood Supports bi-directional EPP, ECP, Cable length: 1.8 meters ROHS Compliant