Maitinimo blokas SilverStone ST55GF 500W (456W on +12V; 38A) W, 1100 W

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Išmatavimai 150 x 199 x 85 mm; 4.75kg
Fan Dual 40 mm Fan x 2
Product code SST-ST55GF
Galingumas 500W (456W on +12V; 38A)
Kita For users with mission-critical systems or file servers, nothing is more important than a power supply with always up reliability and redundancy. With the pervious venerable Gemini ST46GF model as the starting point, SilverStone ST55GF improves every aspect of the former from specification to user impression. By combining proven industrial grade components and a focus on performance, the amazing dual 550W independent power packs stowed inside a PS/2 frame enable the possibility to enjoy the bullet-proof security of a 24/7 server in just about any case and any system!
Įeinanti kintama įtampa 90V~264V
Jungtys *1 x 24-Pin Motherboard connector.(500mm) *1 x 8-Pin EPS12V connector.(500mm) *1 x 4-Pin ATX 12V connector.(500mm) *2 x Dual 4-Pin IDE & connectors.(500mm + 150mm) *2 x Dual 4-Pin IDE & 2 × Floppy Power connectors.(500mm + 150mm + 150mm) *2 x Dual SATA connector.(500mm / 150mm) *1 x 6-Pin PCIE connector.(550mm / 150mm)
Ypatybės ■ 550W + 550W PS/2 redundant power supply ■ Hot swappable ■ Industry-leading reliability ■ Durable zinc-plated surface ■Convenient pull-out handle bars
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20+4pin6-pin (PCI-E), +12V 4-pin (P4), +12V 4+4-pin (EPS12V), 20+4pin6-pin (PCI-E), 8-pin (PCI-E), 20+4pin6-pin (PCI-E), +12V 4-pin (P4), 20+4pin