Modemas Modemas Dragon Mini Alarm

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DRAGON is a compact small alarm for end users. Thanks to its easy management through a single control button the user doesn´t need help of a professional installation company from security sector.

DRAGON informs you about the unauthorized entry of intruder into the monitored room by text message and voice call directly on your mobile phone. It allows you to listen to what is going on in the room after the alarm has been activated or when disarmed. You can use it also in case of danger or health problems (so called PANIC function) – DRAGON informs your family or friends about your emergency situation by text message and voice call.

GSM module
Dual Band GSM/GPRS 900/1800
PIR sensor (motion detector 360 o, reach up to 5 m)
Signalling 2 LEDs and buzzer
Integrated microphone
Power supply 12 V
Consumption 4 mA
Max. consumption 200 mA Battery: 700 mAh
Battery 700 mAh
Stand-by time 5 days
Dimensions ∅110 x 45 mm
Weight 130g
Temperature range - 10°C to + 55°C
Included accessories power adapter, base for inclination
Optional accessories wall-mounting set, external PIR sensor, magnetic switch, external PANIC button, battery

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3943 €