Nepertraukiamo maitinimo šaltinis Mustek UPS PowerAgent 1590 LCD 1500VA, 900W/ AVR/ USB Port - SRS 232/ 6 IEC Sockets 1500 VA, 900 W

11657 €
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24 mėn.
Išmatavimai 397 x 146 x 205 mm
Specialios funkcijos *Green topology, saving 50% energy than others at AC mode *Built-in super smart charger , 90% fully charged in 4 hours *Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability *Boost and Buck AVR for voltage stabilization *Off-mode auto charging *Auto-restart while AC is recovering *Simulated sine wave *Cold start function *Built-in USB communication port and RJ-11 phone protection *Charging ability at low input voltage, 2 times more powerful than others
Tipas UPS
Talpa 1500VA / 900W
Interface LCD Display: AC Mode, Battery Mode, Load Level, Battery Level, Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Overload, Fault, and Low Battery
Input *Voltage : 220/230/240 VAC *Voltage Range: 162-290 VAC * Frequency Range: 60/50 Hz (auto sensing)
Output *AC Voltage Regulation (Batt. Mode): ±10% *Optional DC Voltage (USB): 5 V *Frequency Range (Batt. Mode): 50 Hz or 60 Hz ± 1 Hz *Transfer Time: Typical 2-6 ms, 10 ms max.
Protection spike Short circuit and Overload Protection
Alarm *Battery Mode: Sounding every 10 seconds *Low Battery: Sounding every second *Overload : Sounding every 0.5 second *Battery Replacement Alarm: Sounding every 2 second *Fault: Continuously sounding
Svoris 11.1kg
Baterija 12 V/9 AH x 2
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