Perforatorius Bosch Rotary Hammer GBH 2400 800 W, SDS Plus

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Other features Easy-to-change toolholder; Ball grommet for preventing cable breaks; Softgrip on main handle and auxiliary handle for a secure hold; Overload clutch; Rotating brush plate (for equal power in forward and reverse rotation); Spindle collar diameter of 50 mm for more stability
Weight 2.8 kg
Drilling diameter in concrete (max) 6.8 cm
Drilling diameter in steel (max) 1.3 cm
Drilling diameter in wood (max) 3.0 cm
Chuck type SDS Plus
Impact rate 0-4000 bpm
Warranty The guarantee period shall be extended to 36 months if you register these tolls within 14 days after the date of purchase via the Internet under
Producer product name GBH 2400
Producer product family Rotary Hammer
Gross weight 4.60 kg
Net weight 4.59 kg
Box contents Auxiliary handle; Depth gauge; Carrying case; Drill chuck shank; Keyed chuck; Parts set; Chuck wrench; Retaining ring
Tipas Perforatorius
Galingumas 800W
Spin speed (RPM) Poveikio lygis esant vardiniam apsisukimų dažniui: 0 - 4000 BPM; Apsisukimų dažnis: 0 - 900 aps
Ypatybės Maks. gręžimo skersmuo į mūrą : 68mm; Maks. gręžimo skersmuo į plieną: 13 mm; Maks. gręžimo skersmuo į medieną: 30 mm
Functions Infinitely variable speed control Forward/reverse operation Electronic Overload clutch
Kita 36 mėn garantija taikoma tik įrankį užregistravus puslapyje per 14 dienų nuo pirkimo.
Rotational speed 0 - 900 RPM
Power 800 W
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