Rinkinys Food processor MCM62020 1000 W 3.9 L bowl

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Features & Benefits
For multifunctional use with more than 40 functions for rasping, slicing, kneading dough, extracting juice and beyond.
XXL bowl with 3.9 l capacity for up to 1.5 kg of dough and blender attachment for 1.5 l
Variable speed settings with LED display plus moment function for chopping and pulse function for working in intervals, such as when crushing ice.
Innovative multifunctional blade Supercut for perfect chopping results every time
Type Food Processor
Stepless speed setting, moment and pulse function, LED user guidance
Big 3.9 l transparent plastic mixing bowl for 750 g flour + ingredients (maximum 1.5 kg of dough mixture) including lid with funnel and stuffer
Blender Plastic, usable volume 1.5 litres
Supercut multifunctional knife for constantly perfect chopping results
Reversible slicing (thick and thin) and reversible grating (coarse and fine) discs
Discs stainless steel
Design Features
Disc holder for extra stability
Dough Tool
Whisk (stainless steel) for cream, egg white and light doughs
Citrus press
Integrated cable storage
Safety locking lids
Rubber suction feet for extra stability
Power 1000 W
Color Dark grey / brilliant white