Verbatim CD-R AZO Wide Printable 0.7 GB, 52 x, Jewel Box

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PET 54 g
Plastic (No PET) 2 g
Packing quantity 100 pc(s)
Gross depth master carton 545 mm
Gross width master carton 160 mm
Gross height master carton 265 mm
Net weight master carton 7.8 kg
Tare weight master carton 0.94 kg
Volume (m3) 0.0001775 m³
Tare weight (kg) 0.062 kg
Gross depth (mm) 10 mm
Gross width (mm) 142 mm
Gross height (mm) 125 mm
Net weight 0.016 kg
Producer product name CD-R AZO Wide Printable
Warranty 0 month(s)
Package type Jewel Box
Capacity 0.7 GB
Other features As well as the latest speeds, Verbatim media is also available with a printable surface. Where previously colours could appear uncertain, dull and someway from those of the original image, with Verbatim’s printable disc surface they are now as rich and deep as the original. The printable discs are also available in a glossy finish. As with printing your photos, you can choose from a glossy or matt finish for perfect results!Wide printable surfaces are also available so an image can be printed right up to the central hub of the disc surface.
CD write speed 52 x
Type CD-R
Quantity 1
Gross weight 0.078 kg